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Dale Allen - May 8th at Mercy by the Sea in Madison, CT

Dale Allen has brought her talents to scores of audiences - nationwide and from Kauai to Dubai, with her one-woman show, In Our Right Minds™, Guiding Women to Their Strength as Leaders, Leading Men to Strength Without Armor. She was honored to present at the U.N. Commission on the Status of Women in March 2014.

Ms. Allen is a veteran of corporate and commercial communications.  Her extensive resume includes hundreds of voice-over, on-camera and live presentation projects.  Some of the most quality conscious companies, such as BMW, General Electric, and Konica Minolta among others, have chosen her to represent their brands.   She is an accomplished lecturer, workshop facilitator, playwright and theatrical actress.  Her affiliations include Montage Initiative, Daughters of the Earth, Think Positive World, Fierce Feminine Life and Women Weaving the World.  She is a contributing author of “The Girl God,” now part of an exhibit titled “Muslima” with the International Museum of Women. 

Described as “a living Goddess, a bright light, a teacher, a messenger” with the energy of “a Cape Canaveral lift-off,” she thoroughly engages and inspires her audience, which ranges from highly educated corporate leaders to teenage girls seeking their place in the world. 


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Dale Allen returns to the

The United Nations

March 11, 2014

58th Commission on the Status of Women

Montage Initiative

"Dale Allen speaks to the heart and soul of all women regardless of their personal histories…

she reminds us how connected we are to one another and to our ancestral mothers and teachers." 

Dale Atkins, Ph.D. Psychologist, Author



Guiding Women to their Strength as Leaders

Leading Men to Strength without Armor

In Our Right Minds has been igniting audiences at universities, conferences, executive women’s meetings, holistic learning centers and theaters nationwide.  This passionate message guides women to their strength as leaders, and restores in men and women, the validity of right-brain, “feminine” strengths.


Described as a "Cape Canaveral lift-off," this dynamic, multi-media performance features history, myth, original songs, art, artifacts, characters and comedy.  Dale Allen, a veteran of corporate and commercial communications, gives voice to a brilliant, long-forgotten intelligence that is within each of us – the intelligence of the right hemisphere of the brain, the “feminine gatherer-nurturer” side.

New Leadership for a New Era

Restoring Right-Brain "Feminine" Values as Society's Values


In Our Right Minds explores the Goddess archetype as a metaphor for our right-brain wisdom. Without an understanding of this archetype, women have been left with no clear model to guide them to their strength and wholeness, and men have been forced to suppress vast parts of their own intuitive, emotional and nurturing natures.


The piece uncovers the roots of our left-brain dominant culture, looking at the emergence of alphabetic literacy across the world and the correlating subjugation of women and all things “female.” Returning to a time before written history, In Our Right Minds retrieves ancient definitions of “woman."  In these ancient cultures, female power was valued, as wells as creativity, nurturing, earth, and the eternal cycles of nature.  The strengths of the right brain were integrated and these cultures were more balanced.  As humanity is once again utilizing the strengths of the right hemisphere through the use of modern technologies that rely on right-brain skills, we are poised to create a more balanced society.  In Our Right Minds explores this unprecedented time of transition with optimism, calling us into our role as designers of a new reality.


Leadership for a new era will be based on the integration of the feminine, as expressed through both women and men.  The restoration of the sacred feminine has profound implications for every sphere of leadership within families, communities, businesses, health, education, governments and the global economy. The United Nations affirms that the advancement of women is central to every dimension of global development.

A sustainable world cannot be built using the old, out-of-balance model; In Our Right Minds illuminates an alternative.

Join Dale Allen on an expedition deep into the foundations of our collective psyche and out to the edges of our paradigm.  Shake up old assumptions and break ground for a new era. Discover how profoundly ancient wisdom can strengthen us as modern men and women.


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